SeVered GarDeN is one of my favorite stores and i saw this outfit on another blog i knew i have to get it , you get everything with it including the boots and the guns.


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Getto Baby

He goes to sleep so i steal his style . I love these mesh jeans and they look good on the both of us . I am now a getto baby and its not really a style i would normally dress Love in but i have to say it rocks and He looks as sexy as hell as he normally does .


Top – Hoili pocket (one voice event)

Jeans – Not So Bad (mesh)- vince

Skin – Filthy

Sneakers – Perty Street Dunk

Tattoo – To The end Of The Earth – Black Feet



Top – Mesh – Perty Mega Store

Jeans – Not So Bad (mesh) – vince

Cap – Mesh – Perty Mega Store

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Slide or Ride


After a bit of not doing my blog am going to get back into it so this is my new post . Feeling in the pimped out mood heavy sunglasses as it finally showing a bit of sun in this country and of course have to have my bling.

Hair – Magika (TwentyFour)

Skin – Filthy (Laika)

Shades – Shaded Throne

Bangles & Rings – Izzies

Necklace – Mandala

Earrings – Mandala

Shoes – MStyle

Nails – Izzies

Jeans – TWhore

Tattoos – Utopiah

Top – Alterego

By lovefloww


I love my friend Villan but i hate beening called a Pom , and i need to show him we do have style in the UK .

Hair – Wasbi Pills {Cherilyn}{Mesh}

Teeth – NVious

Skin – Alvulo {Alice}

Eyelashes –  Damned {My Perfect Eyelashs}

Skirt – Ricilli {Mesh}

Shirt – Ancay

Boots – Gos {Docs }

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Barbie is a Bitch

After months of creating a blog and not using it i decided to set one back up again. Here is the first picture.The Whore Couture Fair started on the 1st of March so as most were sleeping i decided to hit it. As normal i was not dissapointed apart from the lag and picked up some awesome outfits , this beening the first one Image

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